Resort Management Information

Curacao Ocean Resort - Resort Management contact information

Resort Management
Phone: +5999 521 5752

Ellis van Mierlo
Phone: +5999 5227281

Raul da Costa
Phone: +5999 5242920

Curacao Ocean Resort - Resort Management Information

Here you will find a description of  the activities of the Resort Management.

1. General management

  • Resort Manager is responsible for all activities related to management, including, but not limited to:
  • Resort Manager supervises the access of persons to the resort.
  • Resort Manager provides information to visitors and shows them the way.
  • Resort Manager answers questions from residents and third parties via email and phone for the Foundation.
  • Resort Manager checks the Foundation's mailbox and stores the received documents for the board.
  • Managing the keys and gate remotes of the general facilities.
  • Handling requests from residents regarding the remote programming and access codes of the entrance gate.
  • Addressing users of the general facilities in the event of unauthorized behavior.
  • Implementing improvements to increase the quality of the general facilities.
  • Checking the invoices of the service providers and passing them on to the treasurer.
  • Contributing to expenditure control.

2. Maintenance and general work

  • Necessary unforeseen repairs and other unexpected expenses above Naf. 1000.00 will only be carried out after notification to the Executive Board and with the consent of one of the members of the Executive Board of the Foundation.
  • The manager reserves the right to approve unexpected expenses above Naf. 1000.00 to be carried out if the Resort Manager has not received a counter message from the Foundation within 48 hours of notification.

3. Control of executive service providers

  • Resort Manager supervises the service providers and contractors at the resort during work on the general facilities.
  • Resort Manager checks the work performed by third parties.
  • Resort Manager supervises garden maintenance.
  • Resort Manager arranges and monitors the periodic cleaning of the pool.
  • The Resort Manager arranges and checks the periodic cleaning and raking of the beach.
  • The Resort Manager arranges and checks the maintenance of the furniture belonging to the pool and beach.
  • Resort Manager arranges and monitors the maintenance of the walls and planters on and around the resort grounds.
  • The Resort Manager arranges and checks the periodic cleaning of the changing/toilet area and the office of the foundation.
  • Resort Manager checks the proper functioning of all installations belonging to the general facilities, including: the swimming pool installation, the drip and sprinkler systems, the gates of the resort, the general lighting, the Camera system, the Scor website, the sewage system, including the pump.

4. Reporting

  • The Manager reports to the (daily) board of the Foundation in the form of a written report on a biweekly basis.
    If the Foundation does not agree with what has been reported, it should make this known in writing within 48 hours of receipt.