General Information for Residents

Curacao Ocean Resort - Information for residents

Here you will find more information for residents of the Curacao Ocean Resort.

Resort Gates

Opening or closing the main gate for vehicles.

All apartments and villa's have a remote control for opening the main gate. The remote control should be used to open the gate normally.
A new remote can be requested via the resort manager, costs are 110,- Naf per remote.
Open gate by dialing apt. code on the list. A list of the apartment codes can be found next to the service phone. Dial the apartment code.
The receiver of the call, the tenant, can then talk with you and now can dial 09 while the phone is still open to open the main gate if that is appropriate. The phone can then be put back on the hook.

The following feature opens the main gate from the inside when leaving.

To open the gate from the inside to exit use the large keyboard located at the right column of the gate.
Press the Call button and dial the apartment code as indicated above. The apartment code list is located next to the service-phone.

New access code

To provide you with a apt-code your phone number need to be programmed in the access system. Please send your preferred phone numbers to if you have not submitted them yet.

Pedestrian gate at the main auto gate

The pedestrian gates can be opened from the outside by using one of the small keyboard on the pillar by entering the numerical code provided for this entry followed by the # sign. When exiting press to green button next to the gate.

Pedestrian Gate at building D (Near Sea aquarium bridge)

As of April 2022, the pedestrian gate next to building D is only intended for residents of building D. All other residents / visitors should use the pedestrian gate next to the car gate.

If there is an issue with the gates please contact our resort manager.

Mailbox keys

Each apartment has been assigned a letterbox and two associated keys. The mailboxes and keys are the property of the Foundation. The original factory lock may not be changed or replaced.

The keys belong to the apartment and must always be left in the apartment.

If there are problems with the mailboxes, you must immediately report this to the resort manager.

If the keys are lost, it will cost at least Ang. 125. = for the replacement.


All owners have received two identification key tags for their apartment or villa. These key tags come with the apartment or villa no on it.

A properly organized identification system is an important part of ensuring safety at our resort, allowing for an enhanced enjoyment of living here.
Such a system must ensure that those who should be able to rightfully enter or leave Ocean Resort and/or have access to our facilities, such as the beach and the pool, are identifiable and that unauthorized persons, who are trying to access, can be kept out.

The resort manager or the designated guard will have the authority to ask you to show this tag. If you do not have it with you you will be asked to retrieve it, failure to do so can result in the guard or resort manager requesting you to leave the resort, or in being removed if necessary.

Costs for replacement or extra tags are FL. 50. — each.

For your own safety and enjoyment we count on your full cooperation.

Thank you in advance.

Waste Containers

There are 8 large Selikor waste containers located on the triangle area next to the garages at the end of the main parking area. (under the large purple Bougainvillea)

Please do not overfill the containers!

Never overfill a container so that the top lid can not be closed completely as otherwise this will cause unwanted nuisance such as bad smell, rats and flies.
If one container is full please check for the next container where there is sufficient space for your waste.

Waste that does not fit or boxes should be cut into smaller pieces or compressed.

No waste is allowed outside the containers.

The containers should never be used to dispose of garden trash, construction debris or big and heavy items like furniture.

These and items that do not fit should be taken care of and disposed by the owner.